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Burger Road is a modern-day food joint, that excels in curating friendly experiences over some mouth-watering burgers, wings, fries and shakes. Our premium delicacies flaunt the finest of Beef and Chicken Burgers, Vegan Patty Burgers and supremely loaded freak shakes. The flavors of our food are unmatchable and leave our customers spellbound with a burst of taste in their mouths. We love to customise our meals as per our guests and treat them with their favorite food, every time they enter our outlet.

We love to experiment with our menu so that every time you visit us, you go home with something new. We're popular with the locals of Fairfield, Plenty, Hawthorn and Fitzroy and plan to continually surprise more and more people by spreading our branches and giving a taste of our Big Bold Burger to everyone.

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